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Deaf Culture

 Deaf Child Crossing Oscar winning actor and producer Marlee Matlin makes her writing debut about a topic she knows very well - the difficulties of growing up deaf.
Deaf Culture
Our Way
 Deaf Culture Our Way This book is the third edition, and the first on which the Holcomb sons have collaborated with their father. It includes sections on hazards of new technology, the relay system, obsolete hazards, and classic Deaf jokes.
Deaf Like Me
The Deaf Way II Anthology: A Literary Colletion by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Writers The Deaf Way II Anthology: A Literary Colletion by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Writers   The authors are an international group, reporting their experiences from various locations around the globe about their experiences as deaf and heard of hearing people.
Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language:... Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language looks at the Deaf population on Martha's Vineyard and how it integrated with the Hearing community.
 Forbidden Signs: American Culture and the Campaign Against Sign Language:  1847-1920 Forbidden Signs intelligently explores the cultural aspects of deafness, laying out the naturalness of a gesture-based means of communicating by deaf people, exploring the unique aspects by which meaning can be conveyed without the spoken word.
 In This Sign "Joanne Greenberg has taken the world of the deaf and made it an extension of everyone's experience - made it a metaphor for childish innocence, for grown-up alienation and loneliness...and for the inability of all of us to truly listen and speak."  -- The New York Times
A Journey into the Deaf-World An introduction to the lives, language, and culture of the Deaf World, the signing community in the US. Conversations with deaf people reveal concepts central to the Deaf World, while overviews of the history, culture, and political agenda of the Deaf World provide details on the education of deaf children, deaf culture worldwide, and the ways in which technology helps and hinders deaf people.
A Loss for Words: The Story of Deafness in a Family This book details the life story of hearing child raised by deaf parents. It gives a remarkable account of the special challenges faced by deaf people in a hearing world, and of the petty bigotries that they face every day.
Mother Father Deaf: Living Between Sound and Silence The following is taken from the back cover.  "Based on 150 interviews with adult hearing children of deaf parents throughout the United States, Mother Father Deaf examines the process of assimilation and cultural affiliation among a population whose lives incorporate the paradox of being culturally "deaf" yet functionally hearing.
Train Go Sorry: Inside a Deaf World This is a unique book in that it presents the dilemma's and joys that a hearing woman faces growing up in the center of a residential school in New York.
When the Mind Hears : A History of the... This book is a historical exploration into the question of how the deaf should be educated, through sign or through oral speech.

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Education of the Deaf

 Educating Deaf Students: From Research... This book is an essential text for educators and librarians to buy, and it is an essential text for parents and for deaf learners themselves to read in order to help themselves...

 Language and Literacy Development in... This book provides teachers with comprehensive information regarding how children who are deaf learn to use language in face-to face communication, reading, and writing.
 Psychological, Social, and Educational... This book is a comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of the major psychological, social, and educational issues affecting the lives of children, adolescents, and adults who are deaf and hard of hearing, and their families.
 Teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing... This highly practical reference for both pre-service and in-service teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing covers methods of teaching and other issues related to the teaching of deaf students. Teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students takes a practical look at the challenges of teaching subject matter to deaf children. The book gives suggestions about what teachers can do in the classroom that will make a positive difference in how their deaf students learn.

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So You Want
 to Be an Interpreter
So You Want to Be an Interpreter: An... This book is one of the most recommended books for professional interpreters to read as well as a highly recommended book to use to prepare for the RID written exam.

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Movies/DVDs/VHS with Deaf Actors or Deaf Theme
cover Children of a Lesser God
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Children of a Lesser God Marlee Matlin's Academy Award Winning Movie.  Mark Medoff's tough play about deafness is sweetened and softened in this 1986 film adaptation directed by Randa Haines (Wrestling Ernest Hemingway).
  Sound and Fury - DVD

  Sound and Fury - VHS  

You might expect that the cochlear implant, a device that can give deaf people the gift of hearing, would be embraced by the deaf community.  Josh Aronson's Sound and Fury, a compelling and often devasting documentary, tells a different stroy.  Two brothers, one deaf and one hearing, grapple with a decision concerning their deaf children, and the debate that reages through the extended family turns less on technology and medical concerns than social politics and culture.

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Sign Language Books

A Basic Course in American Sign Language American Sign Language Book that focuses on Language Structure and Vocabulary.
 American Sign Language Dictionary This is one of the most user friendly sign language dictionaries.  It is very good at providing synonyms in order to help the learner understand the complete concept of the sign and provides a detailed written description of the proper handshape and movement to produce the sign correctly.
American Sign Language the Easy Way...  
The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary Search for signs by Handshape.
 The American Sign Language Phrase Book This book is a reference to everyday expressions in American Sign Language.  Phrases grouped in sections such as signing and deafness, getting acquainted, health, school, family, weather, travel, and religion are illustrated with black and white drawings.  Discusses ASL grammar and includes a sign alngauge alphabet.
Communicating in Sign: Creative Ways to learn American Sign Language. This easy-to-use introduction to American Sign Language places the language within the context of deaf culture and etiquette, delineating the components that contribute to its depth and richness. 15 photos. 117 line drawings.
 Learning American Sign Language This book is designed to help people successfully interact with Deaf American Sign Language users.  lessons are structured around language needed for common life situations and contain dialogues, grammar, instruction, exercises, and vocabulary lists.  For professionals and instructors who work with deaf people, or anyone who wants to learn sign language.
  The Pocket Dictionary of Signing This dictionary offers easy pictures to follow and is small enough to carry around with ease.
Random House Webster's American Sign Language Dictionary This dictionary represents the cutting edge in reference works for American Sign Language, with a treasury of signs for the novice and experienced user alike.  A unique dictionary for a unique language.
Random House Webster's American Sign Language MEDICAL Dictionary New to Random House Webster's successful American Sign Language reference line: the important medical terms a patient or doctor needs to communicate in ASL, clearly described and illustrated.
Religious Signing The bond between sign language and religion dates to the 11th century where it was develped by French monks.  This guide contains the vocabulary and information you need to communicate effectively with the deaf in a religious setting.
Sign & Say: Bible Verses for Children  
Signing at Sunday School An excellent book for beginning signers who are interested in religious signs. This book has incorporated signing of simple songs, the story of Jesus and four scripture passages in less than 30 pages! The pictures are easy to follow even for children.
Signing Naturally
 Level 1
Signing Naturally Workbook and Videotext... Signing Naturally Level 1: Student Videotext and Workbook is the most used curriculum for college and university level beginning courses.  This book and videotext is designed to be supplemental to instruction and is not the kind of material that can be 'self-taught'.
Signing Naturally : Level 2 (Student Workbook and Video) Signing Naturally Level 2: Student Videotext and Workbook is the most used curriculum for college and university level advanced courses.  This book and videotext is designed to be supplemental to instruction and is not the kind of material that can be 'self-taught'.
 Sign Language Made Simple  
Signs for Me : Basic Sign Vocabulary for Children, Parents, and Teachers Easy vocabulary, pictures are easy to understand, signs are categorized.
Talking With Your Hands, Listening With Your Eyes... This book has 1,400 crystal-clear photos of professional lifelong signers that guide you through the movements of 1,700 signs.
With Heart and Hands and Voices: Songs with Sign Language for Sunday School, Choir and Worship This songbook offers 22 bible songs suitable for children, but the majority are already familiar standards. Also, a lot of the songs offer the refrain only.

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Sign Language Videos, DVDs, and Software

 American Sign Language 10th Anniversary - The American Sign Language Dictionary on CD ROM The American Sign Language Dictionary 10th Anniversary Edition is a great way to learn the third most-used and fastest growing language in the U.S.  This comprehensive four-CD-ROM set includes the Codie award winning American Sign Language Dictionary 3.0, HyperSign 4.0, 101 Basic Signs, and Fingerspelling and Numbers titles.  Full-motion videos, animated hands, photographs, and illustrations cover nearly 5,000 signs and fingerspelling.  Learn signing, vocabulary and everyday phrases, while games, quizzes, and a history section teach you more.
  American Sign Language Dictionary... 4 CD-ROM set of ASL Vocabulary.

  Instant Immersion American Sign Language The Instant Immersion American Sign Language  package is a four-CD-ROM set that will get you started in learing the language of the deaf.  The four discs attempt to meet the individual learning styles and needs of students of ASL.
Signing Made Easy - Video Signing Made Easy : A Complete Program for Learning Sign Language/Includes Sentence Drills and Exercises for Increased Comprehension and Signing Skill


Signing Time: An American Sign Language (ASL) Video for Children - DVD

Signing Time: An American Sign Language (ASL) Video for Children - VHS

The signs are clearly demonstrated by an adult and repeated by children. Signs are grouped by theme and reinforced by graphics, songs, and scenes played out by the kids.

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