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Links to Free or Very Inexpensive Signed Videos

Some You Tube Sign Language Vids. - British Sign Language Alphabet - Japanese Sign Language Alphabet - ASL Teacher

Below are a few Hymns that are in ASL.  Click the WMV next to the song to see the signed hymn.  If you want to see even more Hymns in ASL, then Click here for many many more Hymns in ASL.  These hymns are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Song Title Click the box for video Song Title Click the box for video
Abide With Me Tis Eventide WMV Be Thou Humble WMV
America the Beautiful WMV Come, Come, Ye Saints WMV
Count Your Blessings WMV Did You Think Pray WMV

Do What Is Right


God Be with You Till We Meet Again


How Firm a Foundation WMV

I Believe in Christ

I Know That My Redeemer Lives WMV

I Stand All Amazed

Love at Home WMV

More Holiness Give Me

My Redeemer Lives WMV

There Is Sunshine in My Soul Today



Get the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps and/or the Traditions Tapes in American Sign Language by calling 212-870-3400 x 4712 by voice.  What a great resource! Visit for some cool vids.  It's his VLOG.
Did you know that you can get Old Testament Stories and New Testament stories in ASL?  Not only that, but they can be purchased for just $6.00 per set.  It's well worth it.  No matter what your religious faith, if you are Deaf, you will enjoy these signed Bible stories.  If you are hearing, you will also be able to enhance your ASL. Click Here to go to the webpage.  PS: You can get the Book of Mormon in ASL (no voice) all 17 DVDs for just $2.50! WOW! links to more Signed presentations.  If you have high speed internet, click on the 300K link for very clear video.  Watch, learn, love.
There are two short videos on  Be patient, the videos take a couple of minutes to load. has some short bible clips.  Enjoy.
Did you know that Sorenson has some ASL tutorials regarding VRS?  If you're Deaf, you'll learn more about VRS, If you're hearing, make sure you mute the sound on your computer and watch their videos.  The ASL is great can watch for FREE!  Click on ASL Videos. Enjoy this AWESOME Video!  The Fastest Hands In the West:  Video - 

The following is information regarding CANCER from the University of San Diego.


The CATIE Center at the College of St. Catherine is pleased to present this website that is designed to provide a comprehensive guide to resources for ASL-English interpreters working in medical settings. Please help us by suggesting resources and links to be included and join in the discussion about what makes for effective interpreting in medical settings.