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If you are not 18 years old, please provide your parent/guardian's email name, email address and phone number.  Advertisements for mentees and/or mentors under 18 years old must be approved by a parent or guardian.

Please type the message containing what you are offering or what you are looking for.  Include the contact information you want others to see in your message.

    Check the box if you would like your church to be in BOLD to help it POP.  This costs just $10.00 per church listing.

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      Check the box if you would like the font to be at ariel 12, instead of our usual font of ariel 10.  This costs just $10.00 per church listing and will help your ad draw the viewer's eyes!

If you selected bold, a larger font or color, or any combination of the three, the following information is required.  This information will not be listed with your event, it is for billing purposes only.

Name of person receiving the invoice:  First and Last Name: 

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You may select any combination of the above three choices which will help your event be more visually appealing, or you can leave the boxes blank and get the standard black lettering at OhSoEZ's standard Ariel 10 font and pitch free.



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